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The Moth Pit


so thats what moths are doing

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life hack: add glitter to patriarchy to make it liberal feminism

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The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.


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sex abolition is about decentering husbandry (the rationalization and of reproductive heterosexuality) as a way of looking at the world. it can involve problematizations of husbandry as it’s practiced, but even if humans could be divided into people with XX chromosomes, ovaries, fertile eggs, and a menstrual cycle, and XY chromosomes, testicles, viable sperm, and the ability to ejaculate - even if that division was more regular and predictable than the laws of physics, even if intersex conditions and transness did not exist - we should still need to unseat the regime of husbandry to remove reproductive alienation from the lives of women.

of course, that’s a counterfactual, and that’s worth remembering. there are many, many, many people who fit into that weirdly or not at all, and how patriarchy relates to us is important. but the main thrust will always be that husbandry is a fucked up way of seeing human beings. that it’s a wrong way of seeing us or a wrong way of seeing nature is secondary to it being fucked up

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women and non-men appropriating the aesthetics of masculinity and using it to express their opposition to masculinity is cool as fuck and is an integral part of how i construct my aesthetic

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