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Fuck them, for real. Nobody with half a conscience should be using them anymore, not after this, not after their Darren Wilson bullshit.

Do not use GoFundMe.

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my cat just pooped in the kitchen aND THEN PUT A NAPKIN ON TOP OF IT

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Herc Hansen eats pretty well


Herc Hansen eats pretty well

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from facebook:

stephen wood is a pedophile, sexual predator and giant transphobe, i highly suggest you unfriend/block him immediately.

he has sent unsolicited nudes to a friend of mine who is UNDER FOURTEEN YEARS OLD and has even told them that he would like to have sex with them as well as other graphic sexual messages despite knowing that they are a minor. he has purposefully misgendered a trans woman on more than one occaision and disclosed her birth name.

he lives in oregon so anyone who lives there can keep safe.

this is his profile:

here are some screenshots of his messages to someone who was TWELVE YEARS OLD at the time of sending (he is about 30). warning: they are very explicit.

i got permission from the victim to upload these and make this post. reblog this and be safe.

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look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 

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this is actually really fun queermeupscottyangryfeminisms you will like this. caitlinagibson kelleykerplunk tchan-days jimenez95 u will probably like this

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idk what to tag this for but its weird and gross haha

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when an entire class of elementary school kids gets on stage to half-ass a performance on their recorders for their parents in the audience, would that technically be dissonant/freeform/chaotic enough to qualify as musique concrete? was i accidentally a noise musician for a day in 3rd grade? are all elementary school music teachers really just radical outsider artists on the low?

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